Kubernetes cluster

If you don’t want to setup the cluster, you can spent some time to explore with exiting online setup. Interactive Tutorial Lets you try out Kubernetes right out of your web browser, using a virtual terminal Kubernetes Interactive Tutorial.. Kubernetes Playground Gives you playgroun in web browser Kubernetes Playground. Minikube you can run Kubernetes locally for development and test purpose Minikube. Using Virutalbox & vagarnt we can setup the small cluster in our laptop/desktop machine. »

httpbin application deployment

Installing httpbin application Below yaml will create and deployment. kubectl create -f Ingress Yaml file. apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1 kind: Ingress metadata: name: httpbin-web-server namespace: default spec: rules: - host: http: paths: - path: "/" backend: serviceName: httpbin servicePort: 8000[ Submit the request to httpbin application curl --resolve Output { "args": { "show_env": "1" }, "headers": { "Accept": "*/*", "Connection": "close", "Host": "", "User-Agent": "curl/7.29.0", "X-Forwarded-For": "10. »

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